Welcome to course Heterogeneous Volume Modeling

Dr. Evgenii Maltsev, Dmitrij Popov and Prof. Alexander Pasko

Theme 1 Mappings in geometric modeling

Mappings | Video lecture

Theme 2 Parametric objects

Parametric objects | Video lecture

Theme 3 Implicit objects

Implicit objects | Video lecture

Theme 4 Solid modeling

Solid modeling | Video lecture

Theme 5 BRep and CSG

BRep and CSG | Video lecture BRep | Video lecture CSG

Theme 6 Function Representation FRep

Function Representation FRep | Video lecture

Theme 7 Contour maps and isosufaces

Contour maps and isosufaces | Video lecture

Theme 9 Bounded blending

Bounded blending | Video lecture

Theme 10 Space-time blending

Space-time blending | Video lecture


Theme 11 Volume modeling

Volume modeling | Video lecture

Theme 12 Heterogeneous volumes

Heterogeneous volumes | Video lecture

Theme 13 Microstuctures

Microstuctures | Video lecture

Theme 14 Multiple materials

Multiple materials | Video lecture

Final Lab Presentations

Final exam

Laboratory works

Instructions for the laboratory works

Instructions for the laboratory works

Laboratory works contain following themes:

  • Function representation of geometric models
  • Volume-based modeling
  • Heterogeneous Volume Modeling

For a quick start, the virtual machine (8Gb) with necessary development environment and the examples of the performed laboratory works is provided. You can find instructions how to add the virtual machine by following link.

The examples of the laboratory works are given as the binary executed files and as a source code.

Software for the function representation modeling and heterogeneous modeling is the open source project – HyperFun.

Software for Volume-based modeling is – Symvol for Rhino.

Local software installation

You may install all necessary development tools locally on your machine:

  1. Symvol for Rhino. Download
  2. Symvol for Rhino.Tutorial
  3. HyperFun Polygonizer

Using preferable programming tool

You may use any other preferable programming language and tools.

Assignments Deadline
Function Representation of the 3D objects 18.09.2020
Volume-based modeling 22.10.2020
Heterogeneous Volume Modeling 16.10.2020
Final project 30.10.2020